That High School Life

"I don't see how you'll ever get a job in education."

January 31, 2021 Joe Ticar Season 3 Episode 2
That High School Life
"I don't see how you'll ever get a job in education."
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Show notes:
Nothing's set in stone kids—sometimes the final destination that you have in mind in high school is only a pit stop on the way to another destination. High school is a time to figure out what you're passionate about, but this is a conversation about how it's never too late to start something new.

In this episode, I'm joined by my two guests, Reina and Kim. All three of us have left our previous careers, and in this interview we talk about what made us pivot into different fields, words of discouragement that drove us forward, and how missed trains are sometimes exactly what we're looking for.

About Obsessed with ABGs
Join Reina (a legit career & life coach) and Kimberly (also a legit producer) as they navigate their careers, Asian identity, and personal goals. They may not have all the right answers to life, but they want to be your hype women so that YOU can start obsessing over your own ABGs!

What made you pivot?
What's the most discouraging thing you've heard?
Missed opportunities: Wrong things going right
Closing thoughts: Managing the scariest things
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