That High School Life

Starting in the middle

December 29, 2019 Joe Ticar Season 2 Episode 7
That High School Life
Starting in the middle
Show Notes

It's been six months, but I do have some exciting news—I moved to Germany! Moving isn't without its challenges (which is why this season is starting in the middle of the school year).

On that note, here's a new episode where I talk to Kimia, an student in Year 2 of the International Baccalaurate (IB) diploma programme, about:

- What it's like to move between two really different cultures
- Starting things in the middle
- Favourite food (I should really turn this into a food podcast)

While we're talking about food, here's a list of Kim's favourite restaurants. I've eaten at one of them (Tofino), and highly recommend it because their burgers pretty stellar.

The Ash Steakhouse:

Red Sun Sushi:
***AYCE for 26,60€!

***This place makes the best burger I've eaten in Germany so far.